sexta-feira, fevereiro 03, 2006

Os americanos inventam cada coisa...

Workshop para alunos de PhD na Northwestern (Chicago)
"A Valentine's Series Workshop:Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
This workshop is designed to tackle the harder part of relationships: the ending. Students who are confused about how to handle break-ups, students who want to handle them better, and ways to mend the broken heart are all issues that are discussed in the workshop.
The workshop will cover these topics:
Ø Facts about breaking up: believe it or not, it is hard to do whether or not it was your idea
Ø Making break-ups easier to handle
Ø How to decide if you want to break-up or make-up
Ø What to do when it happens to you
Ø Learn healthy ways to deal with the aftermath of a break-up
Ø Figuring out whether you can still “be friends”
Tuesday, January 31, 20065:00-6:00 P.M.Life Skill Center(619 Emerson)
One does not have to currently be in a relationship or have had a current breakup to participate in this workshop."

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Onde é que será que encontraste esta informação?
Não faço a mínima ideia ;)